With the help of contributions from across the country and grassroots support throughout the District, Eileen Bedell's 2016 challenge to the 7th Congressional District's Tea Party incumbent received more votes than any previous challenger had in decades.  Though proud of these results, we know the best is yet to come. 

The result of the presidential election shocked the world.  Across the nation, a new generation of political activists was born.  In the 7th, many who had been quiet have begun to raise their voices.  Many who had relied on others to make a difference, have become the difference needed for progress to win. 

In 2018, Eileen Bedell wants an opportunity to represent ALL Virginians in the 7th.  To win, she needs your help.  The fight for 2018 begins now, are you in? 

Join the fight and make a contribution today.  Together we can be the change our nation needs. 

Some links still under construction.  Check back for website updates with new links and features to help us all stand together as we prepare for 2018.

          fight for 2018 begins now,

                        are you in?

Eileen Bedell
Democratic Candidate for

U.S. Congress - 7th District