Committed To Action

Eileen Bedell has proudly called Virginia home since she was born.  After graduating from high school in Fairfax at the age of 16, Eileen received her bachelor's degree magna cum laude at Virginia Tech and was inducted as a member of the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa Society, an honor she shares with many of our nation's great leaders including John Quincy Adams, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  

Always knowing Virginia was where she wanted to raise a family, Eileen attended the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary and began her practice in central Virginia nearly 20 years ago.  Throughout her professional career, Eileen has focused her work on the representation of individuals and small businesses, helping them navigate the legal process and ensuring their interests are protected when it matters most.

As both a small business owner and a mother, Eileen lives the challenges Virginians face every day juggling the desire for economic security with devotion to family and a commitment to setting the right example for our children and grandchildren to follow in the future.  With the support of her husband, Colin, her daughter, Sadie, and her son, Elery, Eileen looks forward to representing, fighting for, and protecting the interests of all the citizens of Virginia's 7th congressional district. 

Eileen Bedell
Democratic Candidate for

U.S. Congress - 7th District

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